Hotel Vivo’s close proximity to Kuantan’s most famous and frequented eateries. Makes it an idea ‘home’ away from home. Never too far to satisfy our basic crave for quality, delicious food… Many within walking proximity, others never too far for the starving ones.

When the tummy mumbles, the surroundings fulfills close proximity to renown eaters such as …

Restaurant The Site

Food Court 888 (10 meters walking)

  • Kim Loong Bak Kut Teh ( Breakfast)
  • Siew Chong Economy Rice (Lunch)
  • Meng Kee Chicken Rice (Lunch)
  • You Tiou (Lunch)
  • Indian Food (Lunch & Dinner)
  • Pan Mee (Dinner)
  • Prawn Mee (Dinner)
  • Dim Sum (Dinner)
  • Grill Fish (Dinner)

And Many more …

The Famous Satay Zul Kuantan (100 meters walking)

Restoran S-Tro –Porridge (100 meters Walking)

Restoran Lucky Star – Sour Pork Ribs / Drunken Chicken (100 meters Walking)

Teng Haw Curry Mee (150 Meters Walking)

Zam Zam Mamak (150 Meters Walking)

Mustafa Cendol Stall (300 Meters Walking)

Midnight Tom Yam (300 Meters Walking)

Restoran Sri Galing – Yong Tau Foo (400 Meters Walking)

Lembing Restauran – Yong Tau Foo (400 Meters Walking)

Seng Kong – Dim Sum (2km Driving)

Planet Curry/ Nasi Lemak Kukus Pak Awie (2km Drving)

Yi Gor Kopitiam-Fry Prawn Crackers (2km Driving)

Hoi Yin Curry Mee (4km Driving)

Kedai Moknea – Tanjung Lumpur (4 km Driving)